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Why do you need iotshield.ai

  • When an organization looks at creating, deploying, and leveraging IoT technology to drive its business, security must be integrated into every component to minimize the risk of cyber-threats.
  • This is important due to the escalating volume of cyber-threats and the increasing regulatory requirements.
  • The growth of unmanaged devices and the fragmented (siloed) security systems create a fertile ground for attacks.
  • The cost of an attack, in foregone revenue, expenses, and increased insurance premiums is high and difficult to absorb.
  • The legal ramifications and reputation loss after an incident may be devastating.
  • In addition, increasing security concerns like software vulnerabilities and cyberattacks can make many customers refrain from using IoT devices.
  • This puts enormous pressure to companies enabling, developing, and supplying IoT and Industrial IoT solutions, to offer security enhancements.

 What is iotshield.ai

SaaS for IoT network Safeguard

iotshield.ai is a set of intelligent algorithms offered as a service (SaaS) that enables IoT and Industrial IoT networks to recognize intrusions and anomalies in their operation.
Iotshield.ai captures data on the overall state of an industrial system, including endpoint devices and connectivity traffic and its algorithms automate the process of analyzing network (IT) and operational (OT) data.

B2B Customers

iotshield.ai provides AI-based software solutions to companies (B2B) which enable, manufacture, deploy, integrate, or operate IoT networks.
Our Machine Learning (ML) algorithms help them deliver better services to their customers in Industrial Control Systems, Building Management Systems, Smart City Platforms, or even Home Automation by incorporating an additional layer of security they never could have developed themselves. At the same time, we enable the end users to understand and control their systems and production lines in a more secure way, thus realizing financial gains.

Intrusion and Anomaly Detection

By using a variety of Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence techniques, we are able to examine the network and application, recognize anomalous behavior and offer attack, misuse, malfunction, or failure detection.
Once a problem is detected, a broad range of actions can be executed (such as revoking device credentials or quarantining an IoT device). The result is an adaptable solution that helps the end customer to save time and money, following quick and targeted detection of issues.

Platform and Application Integration

iotshield.ai can be integrated with existing IoT platforms (offered as a service, or embedded in the platform). It can also be provided through ISPs as a service (i.e central detection for home use), or it can be natively incorporated into consumer or industrial applications.

Shield your System!

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Solution Characteristics


The iotshield.ai solution fits perfectly into the IoT security product category that Gartner calls: “Real-Time Discovery, Visibility, and Threat Detection.


iotshield.ai is lightweight and easily reconfigurable. This means that it can run on the whole cloud continuum, from the data center, to the gateway, all the way to the deep edge (end device).

Hardware agnostic

Our SaaS approach means that we can run anywhere, especially in devices with limited resources.


Unlike many solutions dealing with legacy internet protocols, iotshield.ai provides a security breach detection solution considering the behavior of IoT-specific protocols.

Fast and Accurate

iotshield.ai provides fast and accurate security breach detection, with low false negative alarms.

Handles Mutliple Data Streams

iotshield.ai captures data on the overall state of an IoT system, including endpoint devices and connectivity traffic.

IT and OT

Operates equally well on data from Operational Technology (i.e the machines and the physical processes) and Information Technology (i.e network and data management).

Dynamic and Adaptable

Uses Intelligent techniques that can be upgraded and adapted to different IoT network settings


Maintains data confidentiality and customer operations privacy

Eurobank and Corallia

EGG Accelerator Greece

EGG 10th Cohort (2022) Startup team

Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Cyprus

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition (CYEC2021)

CYEC2021 Business Idea Competition - 3rd Prize.

University of Cyprus and PWC

5th Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF2020)

1st Prize Innovation Capacity Track

About us

Our Story

iotshield.ai is the result of years of research at the University of Cyprus and the CYENS Center of Excellence. Our co-founders have been involved in fundamental and applied research, together, for the last ten years. Our team comprises of scientists and engineers with complementary knowledge in Communications and Networks, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Optimization Algorithms, and Industrial Control — dedicated to achieving our mission

Our Founders

Dr. Christiana Ioannou

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Vasos Vassiliou

Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Christis Christoforou

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Join our Team

iotshield.ai is actively looking for exceptional talent to join our mission to safeguard IoT deployments. If you are passionate about the integration of security and AI and are ready to create incredible impact, join us!

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+357 22747575 (c/o Vasos Vassiliou, Smart Networked Systems MRG)